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Benefits of Zertomine mining colocation service

Mining cryptocurrencies, in particular currencies such as Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC) or BitCoin (BTC), which is currently an extremely interesting financial instrument and investment, requires the most powerful RIG. First of all, it is a huge computing power and related requirements for the premises, providing electricity and ventilation. These are the main, but not all aspects that must be taken into account when mining crypto currencies.

Using Zertomine Mining Colocation Service

Placing a mining farm in a specialized hotel (mining colocation service) allows you to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment and comprehensive protection against overheating or voltage surges. The state of the farm and the software are monitored around the clock by masters. In the hotel for mining, you can place asics and farms on video cards of any configuration and performance.

Benefits of Zertomine Mining Colocation service

You independently choose the necessary equipment;
You do not need to worry about the safety of equipment;
Your servers will always be provided with power and fast Internet.

Mining colocation uses industrial-grade enclosures with a width of 19 inches and a height of one installation unit (1U, approximately 4.5 cm). Such parameters are approved for the unification of all equipment and easier installation. In addition, it is possible to place cases of equipment of various formats, including tower and mining equipment.

Revenue from mining colocation service

When placing a mining farm in a data center, customers continue to receive a stable income from the operation of the equipment without the need to independently create optimal conditions, constantly monitor the temperature and condition of the equipment. The system offers a remote access mode, temperature sensors are installed for security, round-the-clock security is working. The specialists of the mining hotel will help you choose the components, configure the software, and your personal account. Order the best mining colocation plans of ZERTO INC at
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