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Samsung Galaxy S20 – A leap forward

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 Series, which boasted greater speed, screen-to-body ratio and a punch-hole style notch which was adopted into the widely praised Note10 Series. After the overwhelmingly well received Samsung Galaxy S10 Series, Samsung could have gone the easy route, just upscaled everything and called it an update. But that wouldn’t count as innovation. They chose to focus on improving certain features, made bold decisions and took a leap forward with more than just model number from S10 to the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Firstly, the most noticeable feature of the Samsung Galaxy S20 would be the triple camera setup in the back. Equipped with a 12 MP, 64 MP and 12 MP Camera Setup, the Galaxy S20 uses greater physical sensors and is capable of a 3x Hardware Zoom. Coupled with the 10x Software Zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S20 shows off a 30x Hybrid Zoom (which is a far cry from the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s zoom capability, but more on that later). The camera setup can record videos at 8k resolution, that also allows for 30MP snapshots to be taken while shooting an 8k video. While the hardware has been “upscaled” quite a bit, the software brings in the cleverness in the use of that hardware. This brings us to ‘Single Take’, a software enhancement that helps take multiple formats when shooting people/things in motion. All it takes is one tap of the Shutter Button, which gives a haptic feedback mimicking a real DSLR Shutter Button, and then the phone starts taking filtered and unfiltered videos that are sped up, reversed, apt for boomerangs, also filtered and unfiltered images that are timed perfectly for capturing the best moments. This reduces a lot of the missed opportunities and blurred pictures that we are all too familiar with.

Now on to the screen of the Galaxy S20 that carries the visuals to a new level of reality. Samsung has reduced the bleeding edges of the infinity display which reduces the number of accidental touch inputs without removing the edge swipe gestures. With a size of 6.2”, the QHD OLED screen gives the truest colour reproduction and deepest blacks, ending up looking gorgeous and mesmerizing to look at. Samsung has increased the screen refresh rate to 120 Hz which is a trend that all other flagships will follow. This increase in the refresh rate, along with a leap in touch sensitivity sample rate of 240Hz, makes all the animations look smooth. Samsung also seems to have increased the speed of the opening, closing, scrolling and swiping animations in the One UI 2.0, that upon coupling with the refresh rate and touch sensitivity make the phone feel faster than any smartphone in the market today. Security has also been upped with the in-screen Ultrasonic fingerprint reader that has greater accuracy and speed in reading fingerprints.

The default 12GB RAM plus the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor lets the phone handle any task you throw at it. The Samsung Galaxy 20 can handle the latest RAM intensive games and apps with ease. This beastly increase in the RAM will let you pin up to 5 apps that will run all the time, thus reducing the lag from opening apps. Also, the 128GB with expandable storage let’s you carry a huge collection of songs, videos and apps.

With so many upgrades to the speed and power of the phone, Samsung had to increase the battery size to 4000mAh, which will easily get you through a full day of moderate usage. The glass back enables Wireless charging and the phone provides reverse wireless charging for wireless charging capable accessories like the Galaxy Buds+ and the Samsung Smartwatches.

Durability is another avenue for a step forward that Samsung has taken with the IP68 Ingress Protection on the Galaxy S20. This ensures that the Galaxy S20 can withstand dust, dirt, sand, and makes it resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.
To top it all off, this phone is 5G capable to bring you the highest of internet speeds. This beast of a phone is just the youngest sibling in a line-up that is pushing the boundaries of every avenue that the Galaxy S20 has exceled in. Look no further, you can have the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the palm of your hand at a very low starting instalment.

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