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We are happy to announce the release of our latest 3d underground water detector Geomaster. 3D Locators water detector 3DL 500 was one of the highest success water detector in the year 2018-2019. Considering the development in technologies 3D Locators has now released its unique invention Geomaster with 5 technologies in 1 system including geomagnetic locators, Long range locator, Geofrequency detector, live transmission technology and Very Low frequency earth resistance analyzer. We are proud to represent our system is the world’s first equipment with automatic mapping and reporting.

In 2019 when customers had a big hope on 3DL 500 with its three technologies system, we had arranged a Business meet where all our 3D Locators users were invited and based on their experiences and reviews our Research and development team decided to additionally in build a VLF detection system to check the conductance and resistance of the surface and subsurface to confirm the fault zone.

Mr.Karthik Srinivas Technical trainer for 3D Locators involved in case studies at various geological platforms which was further discussed by our analyst to release the latest GEOMASTER ground water detector. In electrical resistivity survey the current electrodes and potential electrodes were used as the medium to transmit and receive electric conductance and we had to calculate the resistance, In the Geomaster 3D water detector we use the Geofrequency survey to analyze the permeability of the subsurface and very low frequency survey to calculate the resistance in subsurface, where both technologies together is proving its highest accuracy on field.

3D Locators water detector products are designed based on customer requirement where we have the Model 1- Long range system, Model-2 Geofrequency system, Model-3 3DL 500 (3 in1 water detector) and Model-4 Geomaster (5 in1) 3D water detector.

We have our research and design team based in Italy, and we have established our new manufacturing unit at India for potential buyer satisfaction and to provide 100% service satisfaction to our customers.

Our trainers are well trained on various technologies and current Geological conditions, we are working on our upcoming projects including hydro fracturing for drilled water wells and injection well construction for borewell recharging via special filters.
We request our users and buyers to please check our training updates or attend our trainings to understand and estimate most of the geological features and to also understand how 3D Locators can provide success in borewell point identification.

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