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Best 5 Ways to Find a Unicorn Woman for Couples

Sex is an essential part of every relationship, and a lot of couples are now coming up with various ways to spice up their sex life. One of the most adventurous ways that the majority of the couples opt for is a threesome with a unicorn.

A unicorn is a woman hired to engage in sex adventures with a couple. The majority of unicorn women are bisexual, thus can have sex with any couple setting. Well, if you are looking forward to having a threesome with a unicorn, the following are few tips to guide you in finding the perfect unicorn woman.

1. Search on the internet

With so many online unicorn dating site, you can easily find a suitable candidate to involve in your sexual fantasies with your partner. Just go to the search engines and look for unicorn dating sites available. From the websites, you will be provided with different categories of women and the kind of services they offer. Read through their profiles so you can be able to choose the woman who matches your needs as a couple. You can also find a unicorn(URL: on various threesome websites like Ok cupid, or even Fetlife.

2. Outline what you want

Unicorns offer different services depending on what the couple is looking for. So, you have to be precise about the kind of sexual escapes you expect from the unicorn even before contacting or signing up on a website. All this discussion should be done among you as the couple before relaying them to the unicorn. Things to outline include; if you need one-off kind of relationship or regular meetups, what services would the unicorn bring to the table and the state of your relationship as a couple. Make sure to communicate the same details to the unicorn when you contact her.

3. Please get to know them first

Apart from focusing on getting the right unicorn to meet your sexual needs as a couple, you also need to make sure that you are having sex with someone safe. So, your safety counts a lot. Keeping in mind that these unicorns sleep with different people, getting to know first about their health status is crucial. So, invite her for a drink and have an in-depth conversation about their health. If you want to have unprotected sex, then consider getting tested first. Also, discuss the measures to be taken to prevent her from getting pregnant. Ensure she is on birth control. Note that if the unicorn you are communicating with does not cooperate on some of these discussions, you should consider getting another one.

4. Attend unicorn parties

Various clubs host unicorn oasis parties, and you can easily snag a unicorn in such a place. It is more convenient than other methods of searching for a unicorn since you get the opportunity to socialize with them one on one during the first meeting. You also have a chance to interact with plenty of women in such a place, making it easy to find a unicorn fast.

5. Employ excellent communication skills

The way you communicate with the unicorn on the first interaction determines if she will be interested in having a threesome with you or not. Keep in mind that unicorns are also humans and have feelings. So, if you talk with respect and treat them well, they will immediately agree to your needs as a couple. The key is to treat them well and not as objects of sex.


If you are planning to spice up your bedroom matters by involving a unicorn, use the above guide to help you find a unicorn. Unicorn dating site(URL offer categories of different unicorns for couples to choose from. So, know the kind of pleasure you are looking for as a couple before choosing a unicorn to contact.
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