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Neuropax: Chronic pain (sports injury pain)

Getting Injured While Playing Sports Is Easier Than Most People Think. All it takes is a stumble or fall, and you can end up with a lasting injury. That is why it is so essential that we learn to recognize our body’s limits when we participate in any sort of physical activity or play sports.
Here at Neuropax Clinic, specialists in Peripheral Nerve Surgery, we are experts in sports injury and its most unfortunate consequence, chronic pain.
Let us teach you how you can best avoid sports-related injuries and what to expect if you get one.
The term Sports Injury is an umbrella term that describes any injury that occurs during physical activity or exercise, regardless of whether it is a competitive or recreational practice. It is important to note that many sports injuries occur, not accidentally, but through bad habits and poor form during exercise. Sometimes people can get hurt simply by failing to stretch or doing a proper warm-up routine.
The most common causes of sports-related injury include:
     Falling, tripping, or stumbling.
     Insufficient stretching or warming up prior to the activity.
     Failing to wear protective equipment.
     Poor form or improper technique.
     Muscle overload.
     Overexertion or excessive training.
     Lack of concentration or coordination
As a result, the most common sports injuries are:
     Ligament strains
     Muscle and tendon tears
     Knee overextension injuries
     Muscle inflammation
     Achilles tendon injuries
     Wrist pain
     Elbow pain
     Groin hernia
These ailments can be classified into two different types of injury: acute and chronic.
Acute Injuries: Occur suddenly while exercising as the result of a single traumatic event. They are the most frequent and include sprained ankle, fractured wrists, dislocated joints, and muscle strains.
Chronic Injuries: These occur after playing a sport or exercising for a long time as a result of the overuse of a muscle group. The most common chronic injuries are stress fractures, bone splints, tennis elbow.
Symptomatology of Sports Injury
The symptoms of sports injuries vary according to whether the injury is acute or chronic.
Symptoms of an acute injury include:
     Sudden pain
     Inability to rest on the affected limb
     Inability to flex the affected joint
Symptoms of a chronic injury include:
     Constant Pain
Sports Injury Treatment
Treatment of a sports injury depends entirely on its given type and the degree of severity. Therefore, it is imperative that, in the presence of a suspected sports injury, the patient visit a specialist who can correctly diagnose the injury and provide the most appropriate treatment for it.
Common treatments include:
     Anti-Inflammatory medications.
     Immobilization of the affected limb with slings, splints, casts, and other types of immobilizing devices.
     Rehabilitative therapy.
Sometimes, if the pain becomes persistent after a chronic sports injury, peripheral nerve surgery may be the only method of achieving relief from the pain. The vast majority of patients are able to return to normal activities after this type of headache surgery.
The experts at Neuropax Clinics regularly treat athletes for a variety of chronic conditions that are related to peripheral nerve damage and provide lasting relief from the crippling pain associated with sports injuries.
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