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How Asia-Based E-Commerce Companies Keep their European Customers Happy with Their Service

The power of feedback and reviews is apparent. As an Ecommerce Accountant business-owner, you know that customer satisfaction is paramount to your success. Whatever feedback your consumers leave on the E-Commerce platforms -- that you list your products on -- serves as a basis on whether or not your future customers will purchase or repurchase from you.

You would think that catering to your customers from the other side of the world is the most difficult task of them all. China-based E-Commerce sellers are often intimidated by the standards that the European market demands. But those who have taken the bold move of expanding in Europe know that once you penetrate the market there, the only direction that their business is headed to is continuous and further success.

But how exactly were these China-based E-Commerce businesses able to successfully penetrate the European market? And what steps should a growing enterprise take to boost their brand? Read on to find out.

1. An efficient fulfilment

The European market demands efficiency in their purchases – from product order to delivery. If you’re shipping your goods from China, or anywhere else in Asia, it’s evident that the process will take days or even a week before they arrive to the customer.

Not all consumers understand that product shipping undergoes an extensive amount of measure and necessary precautions. As a result, the customers will leave a negative feedback on your E-Commerce platforms and consider their order delayed – which puts your business in a detrimental position.

A solution to the inefficient shipping process is to store your goods near where you market is. If you’re catering to the European consumers, then storing your products in territories like the United Kingdom is optimal and strategic. B2B companies like Sterlinx offers a fulfilment service to address the B2C’s demand for a more rapid product delivery.

Sterlinx offers an innovative, quality-controlled, and carefully-supervised storage facility for China-based merchants so they can ship their products anywhere in Europe – Amazon FBA Accountants help their clients provide a fast and economical fulfilment solution to their customers.

2. Quality-controlled customer service

The European market is keen on acquiring various electronic devices that are inexpensive yet useful. And no other country can provide that to them than China. Operating and getting the purchased device to work, however, requires a thorough understanding of the product – which is hard for the consumer to learn right away.

Enquiring about a product -- whether already purchased or not -- is commonly done by the consumer to help them get a better understanding about the product that they’re interested in learning or owning. Even though the product that you offer is of superior quality, failing to address your customer’s need to have their queries answered and problems solved can dissuade them from repurchasing from you; or worse, leave a negative feedback on your online stores.

Sterlinx offers a virtual call centre to their clients to aid them in their customer service. Their Britain-based customer service representatives carefully study each of your products and will answer all enqueries related to it; they do so on your behalf – to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. A UK-based business

The European consumers always consider a business’ reliability and trustworthiness. As with many other companies in every industry, quality is sometimes overlooked – putting the other similar businesses in a bad light. Over the years, China-made products gained an unfavourable reputation, making it more difficult for the other merchants to market their products abroad.

To boost your brand’s credibility, you can opt to have Sterlinx register your business in the UK. Once you sign up with Sterlinx -- and avail their company formation service -- you will be provided a UK business registration address that you can use for marketing purposes; you may also use it as your official business address in any case that you wish to present one for further business ventures.

Your company’s reputation is vital. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and what makes you stand out from the other businesses in the industry you’re in. If you wish to scale your business and penetrate the European market, consider availing Sterlinx’s services.

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