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Luton International Airport is located almost 3KM away from east of the Luton town centre and 46KM away from the north of Central London. In 2018, Luton International Airport has handled more than 17 Million passengers and it is the 5th busiest airport in the United Kingdom and 4th largest Airport by area. The airport is always filled with passengers yet the parking arrangements at the Luton International Airport are smooth and organized under ParkingZone.
The airport is offering a variety of parking services to accommodate more than 17 Million passengers every year. It is offering every type of parking services. There are third party parking service providers who are working with parking lot operators at the airports.
Following are the main parking services which you can get to Luton International Airport.

Meet and greet car parking

1. Meet & Greet Car Parking Service

Meet and Greet car parking service is one of the easiest and hassle-free parking service for everyone. There are numerous service providers who are offering the services of Luton Airport Meet and Greet. ParkingZone is one of the best third party service provider who are working with every trusted parking lot operators at the Luton International Airport. You don’t need to search every website to see their parking rates. All you have to do is to enter the expected date you are planning to fly and your destination. You will be shown all the parking space available at the airport and a price comparison list. The list will contain the parking rate list of all the parking service providers. You can select any of the packages which suit your requirements and books your desired location by confirming your payment details. The competition of these type of websites is very high, that’s why they take the feedback of the customers very seriously.

Park and Ride Luton

2. Park and Ride

Park and Ride service is a secure parking service which provides you with the option to park your car yourself and keep your car keys with you. These parking terminals are usually a few miles away from the terminal and you can get to the airport by using the airport shuttle bus service which is free of cost. It will take 10 to minutes to reach the terminal and you can reach the parking lot by using the same shuttle bus service once you are finished with your journey. If you want to book this service by sitting at home, you can browse ParkingZone latest comparison rate list of parking spaces. You can choose one of the parking space and book the parking space by entering your card information.

on airport parking luton

3. On Airport

Luton International airport is also offering the service of On-Airport car parking. These parking services are usually operated by the Airport officials. Third party parking providers like ParkingZone also have a contract with these service providers and you can book this parking option by choosing a parking package from the comparison rate list. Usually, the terminal is just a walking distance away from these Parking at Luton Airport lots and you can get to the terminal within 2 minutes. The place is perfect for a person who is in hurry.
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