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Airport Parking

Compare Travel Essentials will provide you with cost-effective and hassle-free car parking services. Book your parking lot today to get the cheapest price deals and our trustable booking services.
Booking your Gatwick airport car parking with us will not only guarantee a perfect car parking spot but you will also save up to 60% of your money. We are offering to book for every type of Gatwick airport parking. Whether you are looking for a chauffeur service or parking your car on your own, our booking service will cover everything for you. Book Gatwick Meet and Greet to avail chauffeur services or Gatwick Park and Ride if you don't want to hand over car keys to anyone. Our booking services are never beaten on price.

Gatwick Meet and Greet

Book the most convenient car parking at Gatwick airport with us and take the hassles out of your journey. All you have to do is to book this service and drive straight to the terminal where a chauffeur will be waiting for you. Hand over your car keys to him and let him worry about your car parking.

Gatwick Park and Ride

If you are looking for a cheap Gatwick airport parking option at Gatwick airport, Park & Ride is the one you are looking for. Book this service and drive straight to the terminal where you can park your car yourself at the airport without handing over your car keys to anyone. Your car will be parked here safely till you are back from your journey.

Gatwick on Airport

On Airport Car Parking are located within the premises of the airport and located nearest to the terminal. Usually, the airport terminals are located within the walking distance from the parking lot which can be covered within 2 minutes. Although this parking option may cost you more than Meet & Greet and Park & Ride yet it is the safest parking option among all other options available.

Airport Overview

In the start, Gatwick airport was used for military purposes and it was an aerodrome. It started to host the commercial flights in 1920 and provided assistance to the local as well as international passengers after 1933. In 1935, its first terminal was opened officially.
Gatwick is located outside London city and 28 miles from the City Centre. You can approach the airport by train, local transport and through your vehicle. Use the navigation to see the direction of the airport as it will provide the quickest route to the airport. The best way to reach the terminal is to travel through M23 through M25, A23.
Gatwick airport is serving mostly for European and domestic flights, but it is also providing its services throughout the world. Most of the car parking lots at Gatwick International airport are located at a few distances away from the terminal. So, the best option for the passengers would be Meet & Greet as well as On-Airport parking.

Airport Facilities

Gatwick is providing all necessary facilities to its passengers including Business lounges, Meeting Rooms, Charging phone facilities, facilities for disabled people, sensory room, prayer room, and many other necessary things.
Here are the details of some of the services which are offered by the Airport administration.

Business Lounges

The Gatwick international airport is providing VIP business lounges and meeting rooms to its passengers. Book their luxurious lounges via Gatwick airport website or you can reach the Airport and book the lounge on the spot. These lounges are also a great source to get rest or to bypass the crowd.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are available 24/7 for the passengers. The rooms are equipped with the Internet as well as Air conditioner. Meeting rooms can be booked in advance or on the spot.

Phone Charging

If you have not brought your mobile charger at the airport and your phone charging is falling quickly, charge your phone from the airport. Gatwick International Airport is offering the service of phone charging. You can charge your phone at the price of as low as £2.

Facilities for disable people

There are special services for disabled people which will help them to reach their flight without any hassle. Inform the airport administration before arriving and they will be at the gate to help you.
Apart from these services, Gatwick is also offering the following services to its customers.
  • Food and drink
  • Fast food
  • helping desk
  • Free Wi-Fi internet
  • Airport Transport facilities
  • Trolleys to carry the luggage
  • Toilets and showers
  • Transport within the terminal
  • Smoking areas
  • 24/7 surveillance system
  • Sensory room
  • Kids play area

Things to do at

At Gatwick Airport, passengers can explore a lot of things to enjoy their extra time the airport offers its services for all aged people. Following are some of the services which can be enjoyed by the passengers.


For a foodie person, Gatwick airport can be the best place to find and explore new food items including traditional and continental food. These restaurants are offering special breakfast, lunch, and dinners.


Gatwick International Airport is known as one of the busiest airports in the UK. If you want to skip the hustle and bustle of the airport, you can book its premium lounges the extra hours you will stay at the airport. The premium lounges will help you to stay calm and enjoy music, magazines, and other entertaining things.

Play Area

At Gatwick, your children can have a good time in the playing area. The play area is secured and the airport authority has appointed some attendants who will take care of your children while they are playing.

Free Makeover

Grab a complimentary makeover at the Gatwick International Airport by asking the staff to give a free makeover.


Book business lounges and VIP meeting rooms which can help organizations to conduct their meetings in case of flight delays. The airport business lounges are equipped with the latest technology which gives a free hand to the organizations to arrange virtual meetings.
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